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Nkululeko Kunene
South Africa
Current Residence: 10 Lakewood Monk Manor
Personal Quote: It is simply aplying devotion in every effort that shape the beliefs of men.
It was past the time when metacreation took hold as I heard it told. I am used to sleep thinking I am
to dream, but I seem to wake in the world where science is at a larger scale - where you stand rapt
in awe and pause to wonder what evolution has been brought up by Anthropology, Archaeology,
Metaphysics and Nanotechnology. Man kind advances in seconds, when I wake utterly it's gone only
forsaken with vestige to retrace my path of dreams.

My designs work in every way in participation with thoughts and perception. To people I explore the
world unseen - the other side of time, I have passion on microscopic world and nanotechnology. It have
a real important influence on the lives. Albert Einstein stated that " I believe that there are certain drugs
growing up naturally in our world to help speed up and facilitate our evolution.

Maybe I comprehend in a word standing on behalf of me, myself and I. My basic instinct to read the
terrain is based on six terms - what, who, why, when, where and how. The difficult word to understand
is adequate, what I mean is we keep striving for what we are not worthy of and undervalue what is
longing for us. We must learn not only to understand the world but to change it. In science I believe in
and the truth will out in details. I am not to write what is less than the best of my imagination. I may be
frail minded, having common-sense and not old enough but came from nothing to change everything.

Now I have just started my own company, it's in civil engineering sector, also viable to handle customs, clearing, forwarding and warehousing.

Sometimes heavy sadness pains my senses because of my knowledge vs my imagination, I keep asking
myself million questions. My friends keep saying I must wait, but for what I know the word "wait", that is
something completely different and clumsy for my being. If anyone can help me find a good enough job for
me on the Multi-Media side or anything to do with science and technology, I may be young but what I know
may be used for a persistent change.

For me schools may be out but the skills are in, I am a written code and need someone to crack it,
or a hidden treasure they say desire to be known and will ceate a creation in order for me to be known,
I'll keep searching because research is the pursuit of the unknown and not the unknowable.


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